Brain fog

When I have a day where I sleep too much, I end up stuck with brain fog til I go to sleep again later. Sometimes like now it’s accompanied by a sharp, periodic pain in my head like someone’s poking a shard of ruby glass against my brain. It’s hard to remember things and communicate to people. Usually my inner narrator is expressive despite my real voice not being so but when under brain fog, it falls flat too. I’ve been struggling to talk to Abby for hours, I don’t know what to say or how to. It makes me annoyed, honestly. I’ve been feeling warnings of sensory overload all night and this doesn’t help. There’s a feeling in my chest where it suddenly grows hot and full, like tons of steam is being pumped in and a bunch of soft yet cluttery objects are all shoved in at once. I get wisps of irritation and urges to slam my arms against something. Lately the notification sound from LINE is bothering me a lot, when there’s a couple or more in a row it starts up the warning sensation or later I’ll start hearing it playing over and over in my ear even though when I check the screen there’s no notification. Once it kept doing it in just one ear and the notifications were back to back til they were overlapping, I thought it would never stop.